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The paralegal Job role?
A paralegal’s job can be quite varied, but essentially it is someone who carries out legal work even though they have not qualified as a solicitor or barrister. By "legal work" we mean advising and assisting with the law in the same way that a solicitor advises and assists clients.

Many paralegal job roles have different titles such as, caseworker, contracts manager, legal assistant, compliance officer, company secretary, volunteer adviser, counsellor, trade mark clerk etc. Many senior legal secretaries also do paralegal work despite still being called legal secretaries.

You are a paralegal if you do paid or unpaid legal work for your employer or for clients or someone else. Your job title is irrelevant. What counts is that you do legal work sufficiently often to legitimately be considered as a (non-lawyer) legal practitioner.

Only one in three paralegal job’s works with in a solicitors' firm. The rest work for the government, the not-for-profit sector, companies, charities, industry etc.

How to become a Paralegal
Unlike solicitors and barristers, there are no formal qualifications or accreditations that you need to obtain. Most paralegals begin their careers by learning on the job. However, as the profession of paralegal continues to grow in recognition then it is likely in due course that the government will seek to regulate it. Although anyone can at present call themselves a paralegal, most employers recognise that the best paralegals have a mixture of experience gained whilst working and educational attainment.

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